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Call for Paper Participants Result

Dear participants, on behalf of the committee of Parahyangan International Conference 2014, we are gladly to announce the results of Call for Papers participants after a rigorous round of selection process. For the selected participants, you will have personal information regarding procedural administration and full papers submission through e-mail to continue your participation in Call for Paper. Each abstract which had been selected will be mentioned by its pillar.

Socio Cultural

  1. Narayana Mahendra Prasetya; “27th SEA Games 2013 and Myanmar Country Image in International Mass Media”
  2. Carl Vincent Dalayat Quitoriano; “Heritage City Of Vigan: It’s Resonance Of Cultural Advancement”
  3. Rahma Amelia Widya N.  and Ammaliatuz Izzah; “Shaping ASEAN identity by ASEAN Education Programs”
  4. Wicky Lucky; “ASEAN is Cultured”
  5. Arofatin Maulina Ulfa; “ASEAN COMMUNITY: Discourse nomination of culture malay as an  ASEAN identity and the relevance to sosial-cultural in ASEAN countriesl – Cultural”


  1. Diki K. and Radiv Annaba; “The Realization of ASEAN Financial Integration; Strategies to narrow Gap of Financial Service Performance of ASEAN Member Countries”
  2. Hoang Cuu LONG; “WTO expectation, entrepreneurial, orientation and firm performance of Vietnam enterprises”
  3. Abdul Holik; “Factors Boosting Economic Growth of Four ASEAN Members”
  4. Ermalia Normalita; “Research on the Construction of Competence Model about Network Businessmen in Economic Integration of ASEAN”
  5. Pujiono; “Challenges and Opportunities for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in The ASEAN Economic Community”
  6. Wildan Faisol; “Opportunities ASEAN Economic Community facing of China and India”


Political Security

  1. Jaya Dani Mulyanto; “ASEAN and Conventional Arms Disarmament: An Ongoing Dialogue?”
  2. Mikio Oishi; “A New Trend of Conflict Management in Southeast Asia: Towards a New ASEAN”
  3. Nguyen Thi My Hanh; “From The Theory Of Security Community Of Karl Deutsch Wolfgang To The Construction Practice Of ASEAN Security Community”
  4. Faridhian Ansari; “Website As State Imaging Analysis Website Of Sea Games 27 In Myanmar”
  5. Kevin Tan; “Myanmar’s Long Road in Democracy: Reassessing Myanmar’s Government”
  6. Timothy Ariel Wijaya; “Indonesia Efforts to Enhance ASEAN Nations Confidence in Its National Security Towards Confidence Building Measures”

Congratulations for all the selected participants, it’s an honour for us to welcome you here and looking forward for your paper’s presentation in Parahyangan International Conference 2014. We urge you to complete your procedural administration and full paper submission before February 23, 2014. Further information regarding prosedural matters could be sent to our e-mail indonesiapic[at]gmail[dot]com.

Welcoming Remarks

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are delighted to invite each of you to Parahyangan International Conference 2014 which will be held on 16th-17th of May 2014 in Bandung, Indonesia.

In its 2nd year, Parahyangan International Conference will continue to grow and adapt to create an international forum for students, scholars, and academia at its best under the theme of “ASEAN Community 2015 : Integration Towards Unity”. We have decided to bring this theme as an opportunity to explore the challenges faced by ASEAN in order to achieve a unified community also to encourage the culture of writing papers at university level, especially at the undergraduate level  and post-graduate level notably ASEAN member countries students.

We are thrilled and honored to welcome you to participate in Parahyangan International Conference 2014. Hopefully this will help you to enrich your perspective and mindset regarding ASEAN Community 2015.

On behalf of PIC committee, we look forward for an exciting meeting that promises great discussion and enjoyable social interaction. We very much hope you enjoy the Conference and your visit to Bandung in May 2014.


Tissa Riani, Head of Parahyangan International Conference 2014 Committee

PIC 2013


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